How to Unblock a Drain Pipe: 3 Easy Methods

18 January 2021 | no responses | 532

A clogged sink is a massive inconvenience for all home owners, creating unwanted disruption to your day. Before having to call out professional plumbers in London for a helping hand, we have put together some handy tips on how to unblock a drain pipe yourself. It may not be the most glamorous of household jobs, but knowing how to unblock your sink is a handy life skill which can help you save a few pennies down the line.

How to Unblock your Sink the Classic Way

The first go to option for many facing a clogged sink is a plunger. Plunging is a simple yet effective method, using suction to force any obstructions out of their position with the sudden increase in water pressure. When working out how to unblock a drain pipe with a plunger, use a designated sink plunger rather than a toilet plunger, this creates better results as it creates a tighter seal. In order to make the seal fully airtight, it is essential to block the sink overflow with a cloth or any other material which can block the gap.

Putting your Kitchen Essentials to Use

If you’re no better off after trying a plunger, it’s back to wondering how to unblock your sink from those stubborn blockages. This technique requires simple ingredients which are likely to be lying in the back of your kitchen cupboards already. Pouring a half cup of baking powder followed by a half cup of white wine vinegar down the plughole will create an instant reaction to help tackle the problem. You’ll notice a frothing and hissing sound and after a couple of minutes, your mixture will have been working to wear down any oils and dirt that have built up around the inside of your pipe. After 5 minutes or so, turn on the warm water to wash away the mix and check whether the water is running freely.

Removing of the U-Bend

Finally, if you’re still no closer to clearing the blockage, another method of how to unblock a drain pipe is accessing the pipework. Underneath your sink, the U-shaped plastic pipe can be easily unscrewed which allows the liquid to drain and any helps you spot any blockages. Before you remove this, put a bucket or old towel beneath to catch any leaking and make sure to wear gloves to keep any chemicals away from your skin. Once you have taken the U-bend out, give it a clean to remove any grime which may have built up and remove any stubborn blockages.

How to Unblock your Sink with Expert Help

Following these 3 tricks, if the blockage is still not budging and you’re no closer to knowing how to unblock your sink, it is time to call for some professional assistance. The team at Just Plumbing are experienced in undertaking a variety of drain maintenance services, fully equipped to handle even the trickiest of drain blockages at an affordable price with no nasty hidden fees. Get in touch for some expert advice today.

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