Removing Hair from Drains: 5 Easy Methods

21 June 2021 | no responses | 596

We’ve all been there, wondering why our sink or bath or shower drain is blocked and then pulling out a large clump of hair. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s from your household, hair blocking drains is often inevitable so knowing how to tackle the blockage will come in handy.

Before you turn to plumbing services in London to attend your property, try removing hair from drains using these DIY methods to see if the issue can be tackled by you instead.

Get up close and personal

Although not the most desirable job in the world, manually removing hair from drains is a great way to stay on top of the build-up. By unscrewing the plug, putting on your rubber gloves and pulling away and visible hair, you can remove a big chunk of the blockage. If you would prefer to use tweezers, carefully do so and dispose of the hair into the bin. Going forward, doing this on a regular basis will help prevent any more blockages occurring in the future.

Reach to the back of your cupboards

For an easy DIY approach to removing hair from drains, use your kitchen essentials. By mixing together an even ratio of baking soda with white wine vinegar, a chemical reaction will be created which is great for clearing up blockages in your pipework. Once you pour the two ingredients down the plughole, you will notice they start to froth which will make its way through the drain to tackle any build up which has formed. Leave the mixture to do its thing for about 5-10 minutes and then run the hot water tap to flush the solution through.

Get yourself a snaking tool

Designed to remove hair blocking drains, a snaking tool is a simple device that can be simply inserted into the drain and twisted to collect any build-up of hair. These tools are very simple to use and store and can be a great way to remove a clump of hair which has built up. Although they will not collect everything, removing at least a bit of the hair blocking drains can help your water supply drain away much better.

Loosen the blockage with a plunger

If you are unable to reach the hair build-up, try using a plunger to dislodge the blockage. Sealing the plunger around the plug hole and repeatedly plunging should force the hair out of its position so you can flush it down with running water.

Turn to the professionals

If the above methods left you no closer to removing hair from drains, it is time to call on a professional plumber. If the blockage has built up over time and is showing no signs of moving, getting a trained plumber to resolve the issue will mean the blockage can be fully removed to clear the drains fully. To speak to a member of the Just Plumbing team, please get in touch today.

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