Take a look at what our recent clients have to say.

“Called because my boiler had broken and they came round and made it safe at night and then the next day came and replaced my boiler and I had heating and hot water again, great service good price will definitely recommend Just Plumbing.”

Mrs Lemington HA4

“I had water gushing through my ceiling and when I phoned they said a plumber will be with me within an hour and a chap called Ryan turned up within 30 mins found the leak within 10 mins and was finished within 30 mins.”

Mrs Baxter W14

“Cyril was great he was very polite, found the problem quickly and was a very reasonable charge, highly recommended.”

Mr Felixstow EC1

“Cyril fitted a boiler for me, done a top job, gave the pipes a power flush and showed me how to work everything, a 5 star service well worth the money.”

Mr Williams SW10

“Eddy found and fixed the leak very fast, friendly chap, would use them again.”

Miss Percy NW11

“Great service, on time and very professional”

Mr Bowers SW9

“Eddy came to fix my boiler at 11pm on a Saturday night and he found the problem and had the part to fix this all within 1 hour, amazing service, very happy to have it solved before Monday.”

Mr Sparks Rm7

Listed below are a few various tips to save damage when waiting for an engineer and some self diagnostics test you can carry out.


A leaking toilet bowl can be down to a wide variety of different reasons and if left untreated can help lead to a dramatic increase in your water bill. Therefore, it is beneficial to find a temporary fix that will provide a short term solution until you can have an engineer visit. There are three tips in total that you can use, one is looking at the fittings, if they have become damaged, this may be the cause of the leak, these can be replaced cheaply as a short-term solution. In addition, looking into the quality of the basin as well as the wax seals. This is because the materials are weakened over time and if not maintained properly can deteriorate and lead to leaks. This will then need to be replaced.


Water hammer can occur when the flow of water is blocked off by a tap and the water is hitting the pipes at the incorrect water pressure. This can, therefore, lead to the banging sound in the pipes. Overtime, this can be tough on pipes and may lead to leaks, therefore it is important to resolve this as soon as possible. Whilst waiting for an engineer to assess the issue you can try emptying the water pipes of water and then turning it back on. Whilst it is turned off, open the taps, this will drain the excess water. Should this not work, there may be a bigger issue.


Water rising up from any of these home appliances could mean a clogged pipe or drain. This is a common problem that can be resolved in several ways. One of the easiest ways to unclog a drain is to use a plunger, this can help to dislodge the blockage. Alternatively, there are many chemicals on the market that help to clear drain blockages. These can be used to clear the blockage quickly if there is one. However, should this issue persist, it could be a problem with the plumbing itself with many pipes linked together. This is something that our experienced engineers will be able to help you with.

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