How to make your house warmer: 4 ways to keep your house warm

2 November 2020 | one response | 465

With the dark night’s drawing in and the weather getting colder, it’s harder than ever to keep the house warm. You may be sat with the heating on full blast wondering how to make your house warmer during the chilly winter days, but there are some simple solutions. Nobody wants to see their bills skyrocket from having to excessively use their heating, so here are our top 4 ways to keep your house warm:

How to make your house warmer

Thick curtains

A significant amount of your homes heat is lost through the windows, making it a key factor for your home feeling like it doesn’t retain heat during the winter. This can be even more noticeable with single glazed windows, but double glazing can be an expensive investment. One of the easiest ways to keep your house warm is thick curtains across the home; easy to install, cheap to buy and great for blocking out any draughts. Our recommendation is to keep these open during the day to let the sunlight through, but close as soon as it turns dark to keep the warmth inside.

Free up the radiators

To get the most from the radiators in your home, keep them clear of obstacles and try to avoid furniture from covering them. Any obstructions will block the heat and prevent it from circulating the room. If you notice that the radiator is hot at the bottom but not the top, it could be a sign you need to bleed them. Bleeding radiators removes any air pockets to reach the maximum levels of heat, it is easy to do at home by using your radiator key to twist the bleed valve. Wait until the sound of the escaping air subsides before closing the valve.

Keep the dial low

Keeping the thermostat at a lower temperature will help to keep your heating bill down. It is cheaper to keep the house continuously warm rather than turning the heating up high when it gets cold. If you notice your bill is oddly higher than usual, it may be time for a boiler replacement or upgrade to your heating system. Whether you are looking for central heating repairs London or a new installation, Just Plumbing offer a wide range of home heating options. For a greener option, consider switching to solar renewable energy, a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is seen as a luxury feature for your home, but can be a more energy efficient option in the long run. Being one of the most effective ways to keep your house warm, underfloor heating heats the room from beneath the floor, giving a consistent level of heat across the room. After the initial investment, this option tends to save you money on your heating bill as it requires less to heat up the room, as well as being extremely low maintenance for a long lasting solution.

At Just Plumbing, we have offered expert plumbing services London since 2007. Our team of engineers have extensive experience fixing heating issues and installing reasonably priced heating solutions. If you would like to speak to one of our team for advice on how to make your house warmer, get in touch today.

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