What Causes Low Water Pressure and How Can it be Resolved?

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Noticing a change in water pressure can be frustrating for home owners, considering all of the possible low water pressure causes and anticipating some costly repairs. The good news is that often, low water pressure may be caused by a simple problem which can be quickly resolved without the need for calling out the professionals. If you are not so lucky, there can be some more widespread issues in your home which will need resolving by plumbing services in London to prevent the risk of anything else going wrong.

Some of the most common low water pressure causes

There are several reasons that you may have noticed a drop in pressure, but what causes low water pressure in the first place? Here are some of the most common causes which we have come across:

  • High demand for water

In many households, if two or more people are using the water supply at once then it can have an impact on the pressure. This is not a cause for concern but if it makes the water flow too low, try to coordinate not using the taps when somebody else is in the shower for example.

  • Check the water valve

Especially if you have had recent plumbing work done, make sure to double check of your water meter valve is open as this can be one of the key low water pressure causes. Typically, you can find this either underneath the kitchen sink or in the airing cupboard but the location varies from house to house.

  • Clogged pipes

If a build-up of food, oils or hair causes a blocked pipe, the blockages can have an effect on the water pressure that you are seeing in your home. To allow the water to flow freely through the pipes again, the blockage will need to be cleared. If home methods are not clearing the build-up, professional plumbing repairs London will be required to prevent the issue from worsening.

Further reasons you may be experiencing low pressure

If you have checked all of the common reasons above and are still wondering what causes low water pressure, there could reasons out of your control. There is a chance that there could be a problem from your water suppliers end which is effecting your neighbours too, check with nearby houses to rule out the chance of it being an external issue.

Alternatively, you could be experiencing issues with your pipes. If the pipework within your home is old (a common occurrence within older houses) it could be causing issues with your water supply. Similarly, low water pressure could be a sign of a leak in your home, restricting the quantity of water that can pass through. If you are dealing with any of these issues, get in touch with the team at Just Plumbing as soon as possible so we can get an accredited plumber to assess the situation and carry out any repairs needed.

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