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Customer Testimonials
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Listed below are a few various tips to save damage when waiting for an engineer and some self diagnostics test you can carry out.

Take a look at what our recent clients have to say at the bottom of the page or feel free to send in your testimonial using the form.

Toilet Leaking?

If you think that your toilet might be leaking slightly, check to see if the problem is not due to condensation before calling out a plumber. If you have condensation problems they can be solved by improved ventilation when bathing or showering.

A clever way of checking to see if your cistern is leaking is to put some food colouring in the cistern to see if it comes out.

Water hammer (loud noise from pipes)

This is caused by a pressure build up of water in the pipes. The simplest solution to try is to turn down your water pressure at the stop-cock and if this does not work you should give us a call.

In The Event of a Water Leak

If it is cold water turn off your mains water stopcock normally located under the kitchen sink or sometimes in an airing cupboard.

If the leak doesn't stop then you can then turn of the red gate valves in the airing cupboard or they might be in the loft on the pipe coming out from the big tank.

If it is a dirty water and warm do the same as above and if it does not stop you will then have to find a drain off valve like the picture below which is usually located at low level on a radiator pipe or near the boiler, then connect a hosepipe to this and open the square nut on top anti-clockwise and drain the heating system out which will stop the leak until the plumber arrives.

Water Rising Up From Toilets, Sinks, Baths and Showers

If you live in flats ask the owners in the flats above not to use any water until you have a drainage plumber come and clear the blockage.

If you live in a house do not use any water until you get the blockage cleared.

Mr Bowers SW9

"Great service, on time and very professional"

Miss Percy NW11

"Eddy found and fixed the leak very fast, friendly chap, would use them again."

Mrs Lemington HA4

"Called because my boiler had broken and they came round and made it safe at night and then the next day came and replaced my boiler and I had heating and hot water again, great service good price will definitely recommend Just Plumbing."

Mr Sparks Rm7

"Eddy came to fix my boiler at 11pm on a Saturday night and he found the problem and had the part to fix this all within 1 hour, amazing service, very happy to have it solved before Monday.

Mr Felixstow EC1

"Cyril was great he was very polite, found the problem quickly and was a very reasonable charge, highly recommended."

Mrs Baxter W14

"I had water gushing through my ceiling and when I phoned they said a plumber will be with me within an hour and a chap called Ryan turned up within 30 mins found the leak within 10 mins and was finished within 30 mins.

Mr Williams SW10

"Cyril fitted a boiler for me, done a top job, gave the pipes a power flush and showed me how to work everything, a 5 star service well worth the money."